A Beautiful Stillness

Hurry – your bus is here!  Quick – brush your teeth so we can get to hockey practice.  Don’t be a slowpoke – you’ll make us late.

I cant’ right now, honey – my boss is expecting this presentation -like, yesterday.  Sorry – I can’t be there for your sister’s funeral.  My schedule is packed.

I’m just so busy…

We wear the ‘busy badge’ like it is a modern triumph proving how very valuable, how very indispensable, how very important we are.

And the badge clogs our heart’s arteries and disturbs our compassionate halos and diminishes our God-given function.  And as our dreams lie dying in the dust, we wake up one morning to realize that all has been vanity, and wonder why our children won’t visit and our friends don’t call.

Jesus offers a delicious antidote to the bitter pill of the busy timetable.

“Come to me, all you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28 NLT)

There is a distinct beauty, then, in learning to rest.  Learning to relax.  Taking the time to just be, rather than do.

Here are some of the images that speak rest into my weary spirit.

Tranquil  tranquil Tranquil

Tranquil  Tranquil!  tranquil.

What do you do to rest your spirit?  How do you recharge?

6 comments on “A Beautiful Stillness

  1. Cindyss says:

    This is a wonderful “musing” and is exactly what I was thinking about when I left my job/career nearly 11 years ago. My boss, and friend/mentor, had just died at age 50 from cancer and I, after years of struggle and stress from my other losses and work and…well, I just knew I didn’t want to keep on running and wake up one day to have someone tell me “you have cancer” or whatever. I wanted to slow down and learn to live again.

    And you are so right about how everyone seems to wear this being busy, busy, busy thing like a badge of honor. We push ourselves and think we are unworthy and bad if we don’t fill every second of every day. And it makes me sad to see how people push their kids the same way. I don’t miss it and keep trying to find a way to be productive in a mindful way.

    • melodylowes says:

      I too have had to learn to slow down the hard way. And I am gradually learning how to rest, slow down the pace, relax, breathe. I don’t know how we absorb the idea that we are only important if we ‘do’ and not valued for just ‘being’ – it isn’t said in so many words, is it? But we all seem to inherit this trait as a birthright. Time to call it a ‘birth-wrong’ and let it go!

  2. Marcy says:

    I don’t want that busy badge! I keep trying to simplify life and it is not working at the moment. Thanks for that reflection Mel. There is such a keen balance needed. I guess what I want is for everything I do be driven by my love for Christ and what HE wants me to do (and my kids and husband) and trust that HE will give me the strength to keep going when all I want to do is SLOW the heck down!

    • melodylowes says:

      Life with little ones is on a different plane altogether – but I am learning that saying “No!” won’t cause me to blow up or the world to stop spinning. There is a lot of freedom in that!

  3. Cindyss says:

    I think it’s really good to show kids how to be still and quiet too. Most don’t know how to do that now. They think they have to be “doing” all the time too. They need to know how to think and reflect and calm themselves so they don’t blow up when small things happen.

    We used to take long rides to visit family ever since ours were little- like 8 hour rides. They started putting those tv screens in minivans after we were done with that and I thought “why didn’t they have that when we needed it” then I realized that I wouldn’t have wanted it anyway. We spent that time talking, playing games, listening to books on tape- all that stuff you want to do with kids. Sure it got stressful at times but I wouldn’t change it and I am sure my kids have good memories and are better off for it. And they still like to play those games!

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