Serenity’s Lullaby

Liquid sunshine, rays of gold

Dappled ‘neath the shade

Trickling water, springtime brook

Lending liquid-ade

Grass and mushroom, tree and thorn

Reaching to the sky

Froggy chorus, forest hymn –

Serenity’s lullaby

My Mother’s Day treat was to go for a family hike along a local river, searching for ‘The Rock’.  There is a huge rock, covered with fossils, lying within the riverbed.  Large enough for our family of four to picnic on, we haven’t been to visit for several years.  To access the river proper, we ford a brook – and its damp shores are smothered in marsh flowers.   The Rock was not to be accessed this year – the water level was too high.  But the hike was lovely – and the serenity of Nature at her best drew out this little verse.  Isn’t our world magnificent?

11 comments on “Serenity’s Lullaby

  1. I love this one! Sounds like a very healing hike. Mother Nature’s beauty has a way of doing that.

  2. sprigblossoms says:

    Melodious words!….loved it 🙂

  3. petroneagu says:

    Our world is truly magnificent! I wish there were more people like you to see that…
    Your Mother’s Day seems like a day from Heaven to me 🙂


    • melodylowes says:

      It was lovely! I hope yours was as well. I’ve been gone today – I haven’t even been to your blog yet. I’ll visit tomorrow! Hugs!

      • petroneagu says:

        I was on the road, away from Ellie 😦 Don’t worry about my blog. I keep travelling myself these days and I can’t manage to keep up with blogging so I know how it is. I know you’re my friends and that’s all that matters 🙂

  4. Whee think it sounds like you had a great day out. Magical even.

    That picture is really pretty as well.

    Our Mummy mutters about serenity being when we aren’t squeaking at her for our veggies before she’s had her first cup of tea!

    Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy

  5. Sounds like such a lovely place, and a lovely poem came out of it.

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