Beautiful Blogger Award!

Katherine Givens has honoured me by nominating me for a ‘Beautiful Blogger’ Award!

Katherine is a writer and poet who has just started blogging.  Her work “Curiosity: A Short Story” is available on Kindle.  She blogs at Katherine Givens.  Thank you very much Katherine!

I am to nominate 7 other blogs for this award, to pass on the encouragement and blogger appreciation.  So here goes:

1. Arna at Silver Poetry writes some beautiful poems!

2. T.L.Olivia is a poet who writes movingly at Far End of the Road.

3. The Garden Path is a lovely spot to check out some gorgeous nature photography.

4. Lilly posts a hodge-podge – poetry, nature photography, great little amusing nature anecdotes at her Apronhead Lilly blog.

5. Judy at Northern Narratives posts gorgeous nature photos.

6. Celine is a young blogger who posts very beautiful and uplifting little life lessons.  Her writing is beyond her years – she is an ‘old soul’.  Her blog is Every Second Counts.

7.  Kathryn posts amusing stories along with great photos of her rambles and adventures at Summer Setting.

For those of you I have nominated, here are the rules to accepting the nomination:

-Copy the award icon and paste it to a post explaining your acceptance.

-Thank the person who nominated you(me) and link back to their site.

-Nominate seven other blogs that you have thoroughly enjoyed.  And don’t forget to let them know that you nominated them!

Congratulations to all of you for a well-deserved nomination!

7 comments on “Beautiful Blogger Award!

  1. katherinegivens808 says:

    You deserve the nomination! I was happy to give it to you!

  2. Northern Narratives says:

    Thank you.

  3. petroneagu says:

    Congratulation, dear Melody!!! It’s wonderful there’s so much recognition of your lovely poetry. You truly deserve this award, your blogger heart is so beautiful 🙂


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