Your Collection

Your foliage is dipped in wine-red blood.

The thought comes unbidden –

Did you impale yourself on your thorns?

Shoulders back, you deny your wound and

Brandish rapiers high.

I admire from a distance;

repulsed and drawn by your beauty,

galled and fascinated,

desire  provokes me and I


The blood-drops

fall on your leaves,

trophies to add

to your


4 comments on “Your Collection

  1. What kind of plant is that in your picture? I really like the color and texture. (In other words, I think i need a couple of those.)

    • melodylowes says:

      It’s one of the barberries – ‘Royal Burgandy’ perhaps? I don’t remember names like I used to . I’ll check the tag later. It is borderline hardy here so I am pleased with how it wintered this year. All of the barberries are incredibly beautiful !

    • melodylowes says:

      Thanks guys! I appreciate that! And wow – 2 in one day for you – that is quite an honor, isn’t it? way to go! I’ll bet that made learning how to operate a computer worth your while! 🙂

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