A Frog Philosophy

Photo courtesy of Herbstbaum

So – this is a little different.  You as readers are voting for the poem you think best captures this awesome photograph!

1/ “Ah, just right -I say, this is the life!

Warm sun, cool breeze, and a reed for a nap.

Now if a fine fly were to wander by,

That would be the feather in my green-skinned cap!”

2/ “Thinks she can ditch me, does she?  The wretch.

Well, there are plenty of others in the pond.  I’ll catch

Such a plump and slimy and speckled mate

When she sees us together, she’ll be heron bait!”

3/  “Get that camera out of my face!

How would you like it if I invaded your space?”


2 comments on “A Frog Philosophy

  1. I went for the first option, but actually the frog isn’t thinking. All is well where he is and as he is. Why should he pain his brain?

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