In Knots

My words were draped upon firm postings;

Truth bore them well, so I thought.

They were to be the line  anchoring our thoughts together.

But sounds rebelled, and snarled at a sticking place –

Communication, that rare sighting,

rather than coiling heart to heart,

 tied itself up in knots.

Loops as holding hangers gnarled, and wove

a meaning unintended.

Now whose end is whose?

Where do I begin and you end?

Who is left holding the frayed edge,

and who is the dangling participle?

If you cannot catch my drift

I will float away,

un-anchored and un-caught,

my heart unheard,

in knots.

8 comments on “In Knots

  1. Madilyn says:

    What a beautifully constructed poem, Medoly! I can readily see the imagery that the words convey. Do I detect a certain wistful longing there? I love poetry, I wrote many poems when I was younger.

    • melodylowes says:

      A very wise insight Madilyn – you have captured its intent very deeply! If you used to write poetry, why not try your hand again? It is such a wonderful means of expression!

  2. Petro Neagu says:

    I love this part “Communication, that rare sighting, rather than coiling heart to heart, tied itself up in knots”. I always thought communication is the key in everything, especially in a relationship.


  3. sandy says:

    Frustrating, isn’t it? What a wonderful job of expressing how it feels!

  4. vivid & moving. a beautiful reflection:)

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