4 comments on “Summer Dreams

  1. akateacher says:

    I miss my verbena! It was a wonderful purple that dressed the edge of our pond beautifully. We had an early winter that I think was just a little too harsh for it and it never came back. Great picture and verse!

    • melodylowes says:

      Boo hoo for you – here verbena is sold as an annual for pots! So I really don’t feel as sorry for you as I ought. 🙂 I will relent and be nice and say that I do know all too well what it is to lose plants to winter kill.

      • akateacher says:

        I did actually know the risk I was taking when I planted it. We’re right on the edge of the “approved” zones for perennials. I was just holding out hope!

      • melodylowes says:

        And you never know until you take a risk! I have risked poorly over the years – but I have also risked well. (I have purchased a stunning variety of expensive ‘annuals’, too!) 🙂

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