Courage to Bloom

After a spell of wicked weather,

In which wayward wind ruffled your feathers

And battered your stems, to knock you flat –

You coax petals out, and stretch like a cat

In nonchalant grace, smiling so brightly

That no one would guess that your leaves were unsightly,

Whirled in a dervish and whipped out of place,

Lying at strange angles in odd spot and space.

Peony, may I have some of your art,

The courage to bloom with my storm-battered heart?

10 comments on “Courage to Bloom

  1. Caddo Veil says:

    Well, I definitely appreciate this poem–thank you for sharing your kind, compassionate comment on my post today. God bless you abundantly! love, sis Caddo (and if I’m going to your spam, please pull me out–thanks!)

  2. fantastic photo,thank you for sharing with us!

  3. I looked at that beautiful photo and though ‘peony!’ – I’ve not seen them for ages. We used to have some growing in the garden when I was a child. They were in a dark shady area and then suddenly there was a mass of glorious pink blooms.

  4. jimibodansko says:

    the courage to bloom …. really awesome phrase and thought, thanks for sharing Melody ….:)

  5. Maria Tatham says:

    Very good, Melody! You seem to actually be talking to flowers, then using your questions to jump toward human amazing issues. Very lovely.

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