Bent Out of Shape

That crick in your neck must have you bent out of shape.

Your stem is ajar.  Your leaves are agape;

Your efforts to get to the sun are intense.

Your contortions are monstrous, your twistings immense.

There’s something about your distortion I laud;

How hard have I purposed to reach up to God?

14 comments on “Bent Out of Shape

  1. Caddo Veil says:

    I LOVE this–so wonderful, Melody. Sometimes it does feel like I’ve twisted something, trying to get to Him! God bless you–love, Caddo

  2. This one is spiritually fantastic. First the words that paint a stronger picture, and then the spiritual thought to wrap it all up, Thanks, Melody!

  3. Petro Neagu says:

    Are you thinking of publishing a poetry book as well? Cause you’re doing an excellent job, I must say!

  4. Very beautiful. I read it about three times in a row.

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