Raindrops twirling from the clouds,

Aerial dance, choreography of heaven.

Clinging in childlike faith to leaf and stem and petal,

Tension creates beauty – surface tautly stretches

To contain its entirety.

Gravity whispers slow,

Hungry with delighted anticipation.

Molecule joins to fellow, seeking companionship

In the great migration;

Drawn irresistibly to the center of the Earth,

Each raindrop traces the path of its ancestors

And abandons itself to the pull of the Deep,

the Joy of surrender.

9 comments on “Gravity

  1. So beautiful, and much to contemplate…Thank you, Ellen

  2. vigilkumar says:

    Blend of beauty and thoughts… striking snap, influential lexis.

  3. poetryandmusings says:

    Beautiful words and beautiful photos!!

  4. Caddo Veil says:

    “Tension creates beauty”–now there’s a rich phrase, Melody. It speaks of opportunity, potential, and choice. Excellent poem, excellent. God bless you today. love, Caddo

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