If This Day

If this day brings sunny skies and sunflowers’ sweet smiles,

A cooling breeze, a loving touch, and absence of life’s trials,

Then turn your heart to God above in thankful gratitude,

And let your conduct and your words be match for summer mood –

But if this day brings skies of gray, in overcast rebuff,

Rocks to clamber over on a trail that’s getting tough,

Then turn your heart to God above and thank Him anyway –

For gift of courage in your heart to carry you today.

10 comments on “If This Day

  1. Awesome! Love the details In this photo. Plus, sunflowers happen to be among my favorites.

  2. Ahh.. sunflowers! The name says it all.

  3. duma says:

    The pic is wonderful

  4. Caddo Veil says:

    What a lovely poem of gentle exhortation, Melody–I LOVE it!!

  5. Yeah, sometimes it’s hard to remember…in all things give thanks. Well, honestly, I do, but it’s kind of like a grumble prayer. “Thanks for this flat tire in this crappy weather. Hopefully I’ll learn whatever it is You want me to learn from this…grumble…grumble…”
    And I always do. And it’s rarely what I expect to learn…usually something better. Nope, wonderful people didn’t magically appear and change it for me. I got wet, frustrated, and ended up laughing at myself until I need to use the bathroom. The lesson? Don’t take myself (and life)so seriously. Find joy in the moment. Thanks for the reminder.

    • melodylowes says:

      Flat tires in the rain – what a great opportunity to learn the tough part of this difficult lesson. Sounds like you came away with the right spirit! Life needn’t be easy to be magnificent…

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