Late Bloomer

Long since, your companions budded,

blossoming under spring skies and early rains.

You were content to watch,

always a bridesmaid,

never the star attraction.

But now,

all lie brown and bedraggled,

a little on the seedy side,

and you,

fresh-faced and ruddy with life,

stretch pale wings

and take to the skies.

Now is your time to rise and shine

and revel in the beauty

that so becomes you.

Better late


before you

were ready…


9 comments on “Late Bloomer

  1. Caddo Veil says:

    Oh Wow, this is wonderful, Melody–I speak as a late bloomer myself, and though I’m not nearly as pretty as the lovely flower in your photo, I’ve got some inner beauty to share! What kind of flower is that?–I love the star shape and soft blue color.

  2. Oh yes, I can relate to this one… and I just love columbines! Great poem & photo. ~ Wendy

  3. snowbirdpress says:

    Colombine, the early Christian symbol for the Holy Spirit. When I planted mine they were purple but by the second year they came up yellow and have been yellow ever since.

  4. kiaman2012 says:

    Gorgeous! Love the blue!

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