16 comments on “2012

  1. RoSy says:

    Tomorrow will be today in no time. How time flies…

  2. Debbie says:

    This was extra beautiful and pensive! Thank you and blessings for your 2013!

  3. lvsrao says:

    Lets welcome the year which is Fresh and New,
    Lets Cherish each moment it beholds,
    Lets celebrate this Blissful Year 2013…..
    Wishing you a
    Happy New Year
    And a Great Year ahead !!

  4. Caddo Veil says:

    Nice One.

    • melodylowes says:

      Hey – you’re out and about?

      • Caddo Veil says:

        For the moment–I just cleared a jillion emails/blog notifications out of my box. Now I’m exhausted again, and ready for a “relaxing” true crime program–I know, I’m too crazy for prime time, but you love me.

      • melodylowes says:

        You know I do! You scared me with your ‘I won’t be around for a bit’ talk. Now THAT’S crazy… 🙂

      • Caddo Veil says:

        Well shoot, I really tried to keep the drama to a minimum–if you could have seen through your screen to “here”, it wasn’t pretty. I debated whether to say anything at all–but there are a few people who actually notice if folks drop out of sight.

        Here’s one to make you laugh: yesterday I thought maybe I could use finances as an excuse to bail on the blog (as though God wouldn’t know my heart, right?)–well, He interceded, intervened, whatever–basically said, “not so fast, sister–you’re not scheduled for retirement yet; so let’s see what you got on your clipboard!”

      • melodylowes says:

        Who mentioned the word ‘retirement’? 😦

      • Caddo Veil says:

        No one–but I was ready to dive off the 2nd floor balcony, with my computer in my arms!! So “retirement” seemed like a do-able, more positive option…

      • melodylowes says:

        Wanna e-mail me?

      • Caddo Veil says:

        I considered it a couple days ago–but it’s not even worthy of a Lifetime Made for TV Movie. I’m kinda sorta hoping God will give me a great idea of how to put a humorous spin on it for a post–‘course I’d have to bleep out all my swears! Seriously, I’m getting to fine–but thanks for the offer–I still have your address! Love you lots, sis Caddo

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