My Gardening Blog

Check out my gardening blog  here!  Life lessons learned in my garden, these posts will encourage and inspire you to grow into the best you can be!  Biblical values, garden-fresh grace…

18 comments on “My Gardening Blog

  1. Kathi says:

    This is so beautiful! I have been taking pictures of my gardening efforts for years and imagine doing someday what you’re doing already! Praise God for his children who think about Him day in and day out. May he make the gardens of our hearts beautiful!

  2. nightlake says:

    Thank you for your like and comment on my post. Also, thanks a lot for following my blog. Your blog is wonderful:)

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  4. […] Melody Muses. Melody Lowes has two blogs. She loves gardening and this is her second blog: My Gardening Blog. Melody is an author with a devotional book coming out soon. She’s super sweet and deserves […]

  5. Wonderful garden and inspiring thoughts, Thank you so much for sharing. “God is not finished with me yet “, reminds me that we are God’s workmanship and He knows the plans that He has for our lives. In a way, we are like plants in a garden and God is the gardener. In God’s care, we grow fruit, and bloom flowers. Thank God He’s the caretaker of our gardens because He can pull out the weeds that may stifle our growth. Thank you for stopping by My Journal of Praise and liking a post.

  6. I like your garden pictures. Sometimes I daydream about what the gardens in heaven will be like.
    Seeing lovely photos like yours makes it easier to imagine. On a good hair day my garden helps me out too! ~ Wendy

  7. Anjana says:

    I’m growing some tycapil things I usually grow (tomatoes, peppers, herbs ), but this year I’m also trying heirloom miniature cantelopes and two of my Italian favorites that are hard to find: escarole and fennel bulbs. I so hope they grow well for me!

  8. Duke says:

    A garden is a great place to heal. Watching a plant grow and flower is great…..and then the rabbits get it!

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