fingernails white

from the strain of holding on –

who says you have to strive ,


work  so hard

to be loved?


Your Day is Coming

Taffeta ruffles,

meet the starch of age.

Your blush now comes from a bottle.

Fallen arches and brittle bones

wave farewell to the seamless beauty

of youth,

the lithe and supple grace

in looking-glass of old.

Don’t trade wisdom for agility,

or experience for smooth skin.

Embrace the wrinkles

that stamp Life into features;

name gray hairs

Maturity and Character.

As your last sun sets,

stand tall.


When your light rises again,

your skin will be fresh and new.

Your legs will be strong,

your steps sure.

Wait, my friend.

Your day is coming.

Give Seeds Their Wings

Your season of labour ‘neath hot summer sun

Has come to a standstill; the seeds you have won

Are poised on the brink of a wondrous fall fling,

One you can’t control – so

give seeds their wings!

Where Light and Dark Collide

I see you are my Sister –

you live in Light and Dark,

good and evil

contained within your petals;

you have veins

and weaknesses

and stars paint your core full of

potential to shine.

Part walks in sun,

part lurks in shadow;

the ever-present battle for your heart

finds suitable warring ground

here, where

Light and Dark collide…

Some Would Say

Some would say your clothing’s odd, it clashes in its hue;

Others think your garments loud, and cringe at sight of you.

Others still go to great lengths to deny affinity there,

While those who know you least of all will often stop and stare.

But they don’t see, past ruffled cloth, the beauty of your heart,

Or notice with their blunted sense the qualities  apart

From which your worth is lost in sundry traits which can’t be seen,

But felt with soul and mind and gentle spirit in between.

Going With the Grain

Weather-worn and grayed by sun,

Splintered by the races run,

Distanced from youth’s lively fun,

Singing new refrain;

Wearing grey with greater grace,

Wisdom etched on aging face,

Finding strength in finding place,

Going with the grain.