Lord of the Gathering

Turkey and dressing and cranberry sauce,

gravy, potatoes, and helpings of pie;

turnips and salads and cinnamon floss

to deal with the bits that your teeth trap inside.

Saying a blessing with heads bowing low,

family gathered in bustle of noise;

giving our thanks for the blessings heaped high

on hearts’ ¬†inner platters, and counting the joys

of harvest and hearth-side, of  food in the bin;

O Lord of the gathering,

we usher You in!


Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends!

Thank You

Thank You for the sky so blue,

Thank You for a day that’s new;

Thank You for companions fair,

For water clear, for food to share.

Thank You for a heart to hold,

For clothing when I’m feeling cold.

Thank You for Your blessings,too;

And Lord, this day, thank You for You!