These are some thoughts from a year ago today, continuing my anniversary tour. It’s interesting to look back on what was on my heart at a different time, different place…

Meanwhile, Melody Muses...

A crutch for your foot,

A cane for your knee,

I’ll sign your cast for your neighbours to see.

A mechanized chair

And a ramp for your door,

A tablet to take when your muscles are sore.

A stick when you’re blind

And an aid for your ear,

Glasses and lenses when vision’s unclear.

A band-aid for blood

And a note on your chart –

But what do I do when the hole’s in my heart?

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Jagged Little Bloom

You smile to hide your jagged edge;

You think pretending is a wedge

To cleave your bleeding parts away,

Erect a wall from night to day


Smiling with a broken heart

Trains your brain in lying art;

And once you swallow untruths whole,

They sear your mind like burning coal


Admit your blooms are incomplete,

Look long and hard at wound’s defeat;

For when your jagged edge is known,

Your highest self you then can own.