Song of Next Year’s Moon


Hear the hum?

Energy in ray-song form,

calm before the new year’s storm,

shimmer-shine to keep hope warm,

calendarish tune.

Feel the drum?

Beating to a march you choose,

notes which capture inner muse,

symphony you can’t refuse,

Song of next year’s moon.


What song will you sing to start your New Year? ¬†Only you know the notes – sing it well…

It Could Have Been an Angel

frost overhead

It could have been an angel,

whose ¬†rustle I just heard –

it could have been the breath of God

advancing Living Word;

it could have been a baby’s cry

with virgin-breath its kin;

it could have been my heart’s rebirth,

as Saviour entered inn.


Stable when the night wind blows,

Strong enough for gales and storms,

Security for days that close

In uncertainty in all its forms;

Solid in the midst of strife,

A presence when I am alarmed,

Loving touch from man to wife,

A harbour safe in waters warm.

Comfort when the torrents pour,

Whispers sweet in times of grace;

Being known to inner core,

Companionship in heart’s true place.

Looks across a crowded room,

Children dear to raise and love,

Truest love from youth to tomb,

Gift from Giver up above.

Happy Anniversary to the man who has given these words arms and legs, substance and reality… I love you!

Prom Night


Demure in blues of baby shade,

You nod and smile as you parade

In prom-night dress to fit a Queen;

Your graceful beauty sets the scene.


Your petticoats are double-tight,

With underthings of purest white,

The slippers on your tiny feet

Will float all night to prom-time beat.


Young gentlemen with faces bright

Will circle you, and your eye’s light;

You’ll look back on this and smile,

O debutante in prom-night style.