Adieu to Today

Spectator am I, a witness to view

The evening ritual – knitting of dew;

Painting of destinies, darkening dreams,

Death of the daylight, refraction of beams

Which bow to reflect the Creator’s delight;

Adieu to Today – I bid you good night.


After You painted the sun in the sky,

Adding a rainbow and brilliant sunrise;

After You crafted the mountains and trees,

Sketching the lilies, the roses, the seas –

You left me a palette, with flowers for hues,

And gave me blank canvas and paintbrush to use…

Indian paintbrush grows wild here – it comes in many variations of pinks.  This one is growing in the ditch near my yard – I don’t know its proper botanical name.   It always reminds me that art is alive all around us in this gallery we call Earth…