Ode to Frost


You’ve reigned supreme these many months –

after your first tentative extortion attempt

was met with little resistance,

your strong-arm tactics evolved,

grew claws;


you branched out

and sank cement boots into permafrost,

added all creation to your payroll.

You thought

Justice would never come.

Trampling on the innocent,

freezing hopes and dreams,

your fingerprints went global.

But your days are numbered.

You will pay

for what you’ve done –

the Sun stands at the door

and knocks;

gavel will fall,

your empire will melt,

and your harsh deeds

become a bitter memory.

Don’t let the door hit you

on your way out of the courtroom…

Hung Out to Dry


meet Betrayer,

who left you in the lurch,

hung you out to dry.

Get in line

with all the others

who dangle at the mercy

of Power.

One day your pins will be removed,

and the hanging judge

will turn the tables.

The innocent will fall like dew on parched ground,

and those who twisted Fate

will be strung in your place.

Hang on

just a little longer…