So Many Bleeding Hearts

So many bleeding hearts

on display wherever I go.

Why, Lord?

Why so many?

Why don’t you

fix the economy,

destroy the Abuser,

deal Poverty its death-blow,

restore relationships,

and heal this land?

Why don’t you

do something?

What’s that?

You already did?

Oh, I see.

You sent me…

Well, what can I do?

I am only one!

Don’t you see all those bleeding hearts

hanging in the balance?

What’s that?

You want me to do what?

Just one.

One bleeding heart at a time.

With Your help.


Just one.

Only one.

I can do that,

if you will help me.

You already are?

I remember now.

You are Big,

and You are Strong.

Which one, Lord?