Mysteries are pondered there

Where secrets, clutched in heart-shaped lair

Are locked away, a furtive dare

Nursed in deepest core;

Cloak-and-dagger, covert heart,

Your cryptic self plays cryptic part

To lock away your obscure art,

Enigmatic lore.

Furtive with your truest self,

Selected wares displayed on shelf,

Reserving heart, a shrouded elf,

Hidden from our sight;

Veiled beneath a petalled shroud,

Thoughts are thought, but not aloud,

You remain a misty cloud,

Buried, locked up tight.

If You Chose

If you chose, you could dwell in midnight shade,

Covered in shadows, a shroud of despair;

The darkness would hide, your infirmities fade,

If you chose the safety of blackened lair.

But here in the sunshine, your beauty blooms,

Radiance spills from your vulnerable stance;

Reflecting Creator, created resumes,

Tripping the light fantastic in dance.