To Catch a Sunbeam



Now is when you catch a sunbeam

and put it in the pocket of your cut-offs,

storing it for a rainy day. Then, you can

cup it cool on tear-stained palms

and release it into the wild, unleashing

freckled sunshine into the madness

of a world at war with light.


Her Tears



Her tears have drenched her soul,

burying the hatchet in rivulets

running red, bloody gouges

brimming with magna-cum-laude


(degree earned in the school of

hard knocks, awarded posthumously to

the candidate least alive). Only

genuine, soul-stirring mourning could


wash away such agony; only

marianas trench could hold

such fathomless suffering –

and yet, forgiveness dyes


her bandages as surely as

the sun continues to rise

and set on the just and the

unjust alike. God only knows


what it has cost her to forgive.

God only knows what it cost Him

to give her the choice. Tears

cauterise the gashes



and rise, wave upon wave

as pure as air, a mighty flood

(pregnant with undercurrent)

to wash her to Freedom.




After tears, a grin,

after loss, a win;

as hope soars on love’s wing,

after winter, spring.

After darkness, light,

after stumbles, flight;

as battles fought are won,

after rain blooms sun.



the principles of cohesion

which bind drop to drop

as your tears fall

like rain (showers

from heaven)

will hold you together

when you most feel

like you are

coming apart

Grace Rain



She’s tired,

so tired,

tired of lists and the

obligatory dance of the

well-worn rut, the

choreography of the

damned. So she’s

letting go, letting

it fall, raindrops

baptising tear ducts

in a redemptive soak,

epsom salts of






Retaining Water


Retaining water

just makes heart bloat

with unresolved angst;

when tears fall freely,

they water the ground

and cause


to grow…

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