Bow Not to Defeat


Bow not to defeat,

but to King;

open mouth not to scream,

but to sing.

Bend only to pray,

not give in;

incline heart both without

and within.


Let Glory Rise

frost structure

Let glory rise on wings of dawn,

let hope stand tall when strength is gone,

let love prevail and laugh at death,

let beauty bloom on frozen breath.

Thermometer Calls the Shots

Thermometer calls the shots these days,

and when He sanctions motion,

you move.


your frozen form

shakes off stupor

and snaps out of suspended animation,

cryogenic catharsis.

It’s business as usual –


Thermometer’s meteoric fall

puts you back

on ice.


It’s hard to imagine being frozen solid one moment, and creeping around the next – but with temperature fluctuations come mini miracles, when you are an insect… What a resilient race, to unashamedly seize each and every moment of favourable circumstances!   Can I learn something from a bug?

All But the Strongest

Snow obliterates all but the strongest,

those who can stand up to pressure,

shed icy grip

from a mind refined by practice.

These have seen it all,

and know the drill –

never bow to bullies,

never compromise  principles,

never ditch doctrine

when the world goes white.

All but the strongest will collide

with reality

and lose.

Johnny, Don’t Give Up Just Yet

Johnny, don’t give up just yet

Though the ground is white with snow,

Though your toes get cold and wet

With all that’s going on below.

Heaven gifted you with joy

To share with those who tread this earth

so Johnny, blessed angel boy,

flash your smile for all you’re worth!

Resilient Genes

The frosts have come,

their task complete;

botanic carnage

at fall’s feet,

but you retain

your bright green glow –

how  is it done?

I need to know

why some survive

the holocaust,

and others drop

when all seems lost.

Have you a secret

coping means?

Or do you have

resilient genes?

You Were Born to Beauty

You were born to beauty,

destined for greatness,

but since your Ice Age,

you positively glow.

Subtle changes in your DNA

translate red into ruby,

yellow to gold.

Pressurized by pain,

flash-frozen by distress,

fired in the furnace of Fate,

orange becomes copper,

blah becomes bling!

The frost becomes you, little one –

lift up that golden head,

wipe tears from cherry cheeks.

You were born to beauty…


Frost brings out all of the season’s best colours – is there a life lesson hidden in those rainbow-gem leaves?