Image courtesy of rpdpod Photography

It’s a long way down.

And it’s not the fall, but the collision with the ground

that stops life in its tracks

with such


When You said ‘jump’,

I never asked how low I would go –

I was dreaming of soaring with eagles,

skimming cloudy surf,

orbits and stars.

But to jet to the moon,

I must take the fall,

risk everything,

trust that Your trajectory

will end at nothing less than You.


here I am –

I’m ready



Beauty Unfurled

Why do you hang your head, as though

The shame you carry was yours to keep?

Your beauty is lost on us, who

Grasp but a fragment, fallen asleep.

If you would  lift your countenance,

Bestow on your viewers your full charm,

We could water you with our love

And help you reject the pain and harm

You’ve endured.  Stand firm, fair flower,

You still have much to give our world;

If you will tilt back,  seek the sun,

Your hidden beauty will come unfurled…