Ballad of the Bleeding Heart

I choose to enter in with you,

engage with you, take risks for you.

I see that loving changes you,

And so I enter in.

I seek to open up to you,

Confide in you, not hide from you.

I want a tie that binds to you,

To meld me to your skin.

In opening, I hurt for you,

I bleed for you, have need for you.

In doing so, I long for you,

And pain makes heart-ing hurt.

But something blooms inside of me,

Has pride in me, can’t lie to me.

And as I bleed, its beauty frees –

In giving, I find worth.

Relationship requires risk.  Sacrifice.  ‘Other-ness’.  And yet, created as we were for relating, the benefits outweigh our struggles as we learn to allow our hearts to engage on a deeper level.  Risk well! 

Your Collection

Your foliage is dipped in wine-red blood.

The thought comes unbidden –

Did you impale yourself on your thorns?

Shoulders back, you deny your wound and

Brandish rapiers high.

I admire from a distance;

repulsed and drawn by your beauty,

galled and fascinated,

desire  provokes me and I


The blood-drops

fall on your leaves,

trophies to add

to your