Glittering Ghost of Gardens Past

hoarfrost sunflower head

Glittering ghost of gardens past,

you contain grain, a hope that will last;

though you are crippled, a Tiny Tim breed,

when Scrooge-Winter passes, you’ll scatter good seed.

In the Shadow of the Manna

Your seeds were sown for others,

but I will take your crumbs –

vacuous, hollow,

I seek something, anything, to fill this cavernous pit.

One smile is feast, one glance food for thought

for filling full the months of famine.

Cursed I am, to desire your mite,

atomic particles of comfort worn thin,

scraps of bone and sinew to gnaw

against this insatiable hunger.

Dare I for true Bread,

whose fortunes fed on fickle?

Malnutrition mocks;

distended belly blunders on

in the shadow of the Manna…


How often I have gorged myself on what will never satisfy, when the Bread of Heaven is readily available!

Don’t be Sorry, Sunshine

Don’t be sorry, Sunshine, though glory meets its doom;

don’t grip your resentment though your smile has lost its bloom.

No insects vie for pollen, no bees hang on your words,

but in the sunset of your life, seeds satisfy the birds.

Frosty Forecast

Frosty forecast spells your doom,

Relegates to flower’s tomb;

Smile while smiling time remains,

Seeds will conquer frosty chains.

Autumn Aria

Don’t let that vine strangle

what it took the summer to produce –

 grasping tentacles

and choke-holds,

those wrestling moves of the botanicalworld,

seek to suck you dry.

Don’t let the clutching swagger

drown your song;

it is the seed you carry

in struggling womb

that sets you apart,

defines your purpose,


 your Autumn Aria,

poised to enrich

the barren soil around you.

Learn the notes by rote

and sing,

a melodic sowing spree;

your gift was predestined to

soar through the air waves

and feed the world.