Daring Flower

You wear your heart upon your sleeve –

Its weight creates some creases.

Heavy are your broken thoughts,

And heavy your heart’s pieces.

Divided are your loyalties,

Severed are your chances;

Dislocation marks your face,

Misfortune haunts your glances.

Disappointments mark your road,

Brokenness your byway;

Trust has been hard row to hoe,

Detachment paints life’s  highway.

Earnings have been Judas kiss,

Betrayal pays your wages;

Ruptured are your circumstances,

Treachery their sages.

Yet bloom you will, and bloom you must,

Steadfast and unwavering;

Tenacity your saving grace,

Audacity your flavouring.

Knowing One who walked your road,

Leaning on His power;

You can hold your head up high,

And offer daring flower.