Songs of Spring



you are my vernal equinox

I lean in to your warmth

frozen places stir, blink

in the brilliance

hope blooms sure, like

snow destined to saturate

the soil, singing songs

of spring



Spring Stirs in Her Sleep


Spring stirs in her sleep,


tentative tautness, this seeping skin,

this catch in the throat

too afraid to name hope

as predecessor;

life labours in a womb

swollen with the earth’s

heartbeat and

fed by soil’s

placenta. She croons in her dreams,

low mourning dove cries wrenched

from a heart full, overflowing

its banks; her sighs are the

wind in the pussy-willows,

her song the cry of geese on

the wing.

Collecting Data


Senses collect the data,

process and sort,

 conclude that Christmas is coming.

But senses can be sidetracked,


led down a snowy garden path.

Heart and mind collect Promises,

data for the spirit,

process and sort,

conclude that Spring

is but a breath away.


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When Snow Falls Thick


When snow falls thick and clogs the Spring

whose thawing work has set you free,

when blizzard winds whirl in your ears,

demand your dismal company –

remember Winter is a lie,

a setback only, set in snow;

He cannot rob you of your joy,

nor murder Spring with killing blow.