You draw out her utmost,

her highest,

her deepest,

You give her the courage

it takes to stride on;

Your beams warm her spirit,

shine comfort,


remove the confusion

with breaking of dawn.




From dust to dust, she’s crawled for years,


a snake in dead grass;

but now that she’s heard her song

sung over her,

she dares to lift her eyes

and claim sunshine as

her birthright.

Life Has Carved Her Callouses


Life has carved her callouses

upon my tender heart,

my response was toughening

the epidermis part –

so soften me, oh Holy Son,

with springtime’s timely rays,

that roughened edges would not keep

my soul from grasping grace.

Spring Staycation

Verbena close-up

Kissed by spray in coral seas,

toes in sand warmed by the sun;

job demands dispelled by breeze,

stress by relaxation won.


It just keeps snowing.  I’m headed to ‘Tahiti’ for a little mental break.  Come along, would you?   (It’s incredibly cheap, I promise…)