When Winter Thaws


Sparkle-shadows hem you in,

Marshmallow caps where growth has been;

Wait, my soul, be still, and pause,

Spring will bloom when Winter thaws.

A World Wrapped in Icicles

hoarfrost sunlight

A world wrapped in icicles,

doomed to dark night,

has suddenly been dazzled

by holy white light!

A Son born of Mary

and laid in the straw

has come to deliver,

to usher in thaw.

Weeping Willow

weeping willow

Weeping Willow, weep no more

though heart is frayed by cruel snow;

God has come, He won’t ignore

the darkness of this world below.

King in earthly flesh, in straw

was laid on cold December eve;

One whose sacrifice would thaw

the winter’s frost; please, do not grieve.

Morning Sun on Frozen Hips

Morning sun on frozen hips

draws out a cry of pain;

where joints are stiff, the brilliant glow

can feel so inhumane.

Yet how will frosty thoughts grow warm

if not for gleaming light?

And how will icy heart thaw out

if it can’t see what’s right?


There are times when the truth hurts – but denial hurts more.  May we be wise in how we deal with the truth in our lives!

Waiting for Spring Thaw

That ice chip on your shoulder

must really pin you down,

restrict your movement,

preclude growth.

That frigidaire stare

won’t melt hearts, either.

Thou art all ice, thy kindness freezes,”

and your cool distance bites extremities.

Perhaps the milk of human kindness

could melt your polar peculiarities,

soften harsh views,

render winter helpless,

usher in a brave new global warming.

So while you mull that heart-warming proposal over,

I’ll don protective winter gear,

and wait for spring thaw.


Cold quote is from Shakespeare’s King Richard III