Your Time to Season

Your time to season has had its season,

your useful bits have now long gone;

you struggle to rhyme without your reason,

the line in the sand has been overdrawn.

But in your structure, I see a spark

of a cunning, active, tactile mind;

your sunset days will leave their mark,

in beauty you’ll rest, when life’s resigned.


These chives have lost their primary purpose – and yet, in their decline, they are still beautiful. ┬áDon’t you agree?

Raise Your Eyes

Raise your eyes, little one.

Own no shame

for what your world has done –

battered and bruised,

torn, shattered, forsaken,

you hold within your bosom

the ultimate treasure.

Let go, little one.

Let the seeds borne through

heat and drought,

flood and famine,





Your beauty has faded,

but your heart will live on.

The seed planted in you

has been multiplied

like loaves and fishes;

your sacrifice

has purchased



raise your eyes to heaven,

where your seeds

will settle like dew

as angels reap

what you have sown.

He Never Saw Her Value

He never saw her value,

the way the sun drew out

the gold in her hair and  her heart,

until it was too late.



mining worth from the

crumbs he tossed at her feet,

she died to him slowly;

over years of neglect,

the arteries seeking sap

withered and found new source.

He reaches,

but grasps air –

she is falling,


ore he can no longer touch,

gem he can no longer claim

as his own.

A Perfect Fit

Arms wide open, I embrace the Light,

cherish the breath of God on skin,



heart ajar

and mind unfurled.


I swim seas of significance,

take flight

in freedom’s slipstream,

and, meeting melodious melt waters,

slip into my own skin –

a perfect fit!

Crimson Tide

You may feel that you are the odd man out,

a fish out of water,

a freakish anomaly;


set the pace.

Be the thermostat

in a world of


Be one with Galileo,

and accurately read the heavens

while conventions sleep.

We will follow your lead

into uncharted places,

where life’s secrets lurk


true beauty

runs red, a crimson tide…

Blushing Bride

Blushing bride, delicate rose,

Layers of mystery striking a pose;

Your glory lies in mantle of skin,

In triplicate infinite strata within.

Blushing bride, exquisite bloom,

Opening self when Love gives you room;

Trusting that yours is a valued award,

Giving completely what groom can’t afford.