It Just Takes One

It just takes one to stand their ground,

determined to do right,

and ripples spread throughout the pond

in waves of  white-capped light.

As breakers swell, and furrows fold,

the undulating tide

will mark the places where the brave

laid comfort-zones aside.


What are you doing to make your world a better place?  It just takes one…

Your Tears

Your tears sit on your cheeks,

pearls of inestimable value,

glittering sorrow diamonds

welling from a grief brutally honest

in its simplicity.

I see the beauty in its expression,

in the way each runs to its fellow

in its course to the forever sea.


each drop finds a mate,

and runs free and true and wild,

restless waves lit by

the seafaring sun,

soothing distant shores

with its ancient lullaby.

Sea of Roses

Drowning in a sea of roses,

Petals are what wave composes,

Surf and swell a thorny stem,

Buds and leaves form briny gem.


Davy Jones holds rosy key,

Bounding main in rosy sea,

Soul surrenders to the foam,

Surging breakers call hearts home.


This poem marks the 200th I have written since May, when I started writing poetry in earnest….



are the wave

which crashes my shore,

washing my substance far off to sea;


are the wind

which batters my door,

deluging undertow, wearing down Me.


find it odd

that my road cannot bear

the weight which it should, and so you fume;


count it strange

that my countenance wears

a funeral pall, like a runaway tomb.


still deny

what your actions have done,

your heart, calloused over, waxes blind;


will still try

with your bullying run

to make sure that my path’s undermined.

Fighting the Undertow

Image courtesy of Guy Sports

I caught a faint reflection

of what I thought was me –

I leaned too close and fell right in

The river fast and deep.

The waves’ roar, fierce and hungry,

Clutched with cruel claws;

Tossed me end to end to tip

And throttled with wet jaws.

My orientation left me

In search of space less cold

As wild I struck with hands and feet

To gain a spot to hold.

My nostrils flared, my lungs drank wet,

I thought that I was done –

When whispered in dishevelled ear

 “Stand up, the battle’s won!”

‘Stand up?’ I cried, and swallowed gulps

Of water wild with spray.

And tossing hard upon the waves,

I felt my heart give way.

“Stand up!” the stern rebuke rejoined.

For balance, I sought new;

Fighting hard at current’s toss

As foot struck rock, hope grew.

The water, rushing on its way

Was only to my waist;

Although its fury gnashed and writhed

And furiously raced –

Walk through, I could; with effort true

I made it to the sod,

And choking long, and gasping hard,

I gave my thanks to God.

Image courtesy of PD Photo

“Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name; you are mine.  When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you walk through the rivers, they will not sweep over you…” Isaiah 43:1,2 NIV