When Snow Falls Thick


When snow falls thick and clogs the Spring

whose thawing work has set you free,

when blizzard winds whirl in your ears,

demand your dismal company –

remember Winter is a lie,

a setback only, set in snow;

He cannot rob you of your joy,

nor murder Spring with killing blow.

Springtime Stirs


As canvas runs with melting snow,

Winter slinks to earth below;

evaporating paint expires

when Springtime stirs with warmer fires.

Knowing and Believing


Dates and calendars herald Spring’s approach.

She knows it will come –

she believes in the Oracle

who promised Winter’s demise.

But knowing

and believing

leave her cold today,

in the shivering places

where soul must hang in the tense balance

between what is and what will be.

Reality is,

while her rescue is certain,

her ‘now’ is cold,

her present wrapped up in ice.

She must find a way

to keep her hope warm

until she can sing

Winter’s dirge…

Of Birth and Death


Window to another world

where Narnia is freed at last,

where what the winter wind has hurled

can settle into Ice Age past.

Death to one sounds living knell,

¬†swan song’s notes to bury snow;

 Spring arises from its shell

as Winter sinks to grave below.