Straight Jacket


she hides her heart

won’t hang it anywhere near her sleeve

buttons all emotion

keeps her cards close to her chest

she would love to love

but has sentenced herself to

solitary confinement

in the straight jacket her

wounds have sewn

only a big love can unbuckle

the way she clasps herself

will you be

the one?



chewed leaf

Wholeness remained elusive

while he ignored his holes;

now that they are invited to meet the sun,

what trickles through

christens him


Just Two of Us


Just  two of us

in single skin,

Dark and Light

at odds within;

Dark pulls hard

to blacker space,

Light yanks back

to trusting place.

Dark holds hurt,

and cradles pain;

Dark won’t grow,

so wounds remain.

Where Light reflects

in truest form,

Dark dies back,

and hope is born.

Healing Stars

The niches where life’s cruel claws

have scratched and torn through surface skin

draw blood from veins, where pain leaks through,

and trace the places you have been.

A surface coat of ‘happy paint’

can’t cover up your precious scars –

in sharing yours with all of us,

your wounds can shine like healing stars.