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My book, 40 days With God in the Garden, is available for purchase here:

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This book is a series of seasonal devotional stories gleaned from living object lessons acted out in my garden.   Its gentle encouragement will draw you to God’s own heart as you explore topics and inspiration from God’s amazing creation.  I found healing in writing it – and it is my prayer that you will find healing for your life’s wounds in its humble pages, too.  So many lessons wait for us in the cool of the garden, in its leafy boughs, in its edible incredibles, in its flowering magnificence – the garden is truly the place to be when your heart is hurting, because peace is woven into its dappled shade…

This book would make a great Christmas gift for the gardeners on your list.  It also would be very appropriate for anyone who has suffered loss, trauma, or tough circumstances during the past year or so – and doesn’t that include all of us?  Sometimes we need that extra bit of encouragement to help us through life’s hurdles – and this book will do just that!

Check it out for yourself!

I have also been featured in a poetry anthology edited by Russ Towne. If you have enjoyed my poetry, check out this new book!

Heart Whispers



32 comments on “Buy Melody’s Books

  1. Dear Melody, Congratulations! So happy for you and I ordered a copy. Blessings, Ellen

    • melodylowes says:

      Thank you! It is a wonderful part of a very difficult journey, and has deep significance for me as a symbol of hope and healing. Thanks for visiting!

  2. babso2you says:

    Good luck with your book! And, thank you for the like on my blog! Come back and visit again soon!

  3. Cindyss says:

    I just saw this- this is wonderful! Congratulations! I love your photos. They really are beautiful and inspiring. I wish you the best with your book. I hope to write one myself some time but it certainly won’t have your beautiful photos.

    • melodylowes says:

      I didn’t know much about photography then so unfortunately the photos in the book aren’t of the same quality – but the next one will! 🙂 Thank you, Cindy – I appreciate that. How have you been? You haven’t been around much…

  4. I love your blog them and I am going to check out your book. I have a gardening product I purchased this year that changed my life. I purchased the Garden Hose Snap at and I was able to leave my garden hose across the lawn for 4 weeks while on vacation. I used it with an automatic watering timer. When I returned I cut my grass and no damage to the grass.

  5. Caddo Veil says:

    Congrats to you, my friend! I’m putting it on my Christmas wish list–God bless you, love Caddo

  6. I am so proud of you I am sure it will be a Hit!

  7. Marcy says:

    Just ordered two of them 🙂

  8. Pam says:

    Don’t know why I didn’t notice this news before! Congratulations! I know your work will touch many hearts, as it has mine.

  9. gwen says:

    Your work, your art is amazing. That’s all. When does your book of poetry come out so I can have your blog posts all in one place… totally assuming here. 🙂

  10. Congratulations Melody … may your sales be many and all for the glory of God.

  11. russtowne says:

    Hi, Melody. I just saw this post and immediately bought one of your books. I believe it is likely that I’ll be buying several copies of this title over time as I believe it could be an excellent gift for those who are going through or emerging from tough times, as well as those who simply love beauty.

  12. Geraldine says:

    big congrats on your new book! is it going to be available in Kindle version? that’s always my first choice now.

    can you email me Melody, I have an idea to run by you. the email linked to this comment is fine. thank you.

  13. Kim Kyle says:

    You are so talented my friend !! I miss you greatly

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