Field of Dreams

Field of dreams,

leaves of gold,

fallen fronds

with palette bold.

Scattered petals

blessing earth,

Death today,

tomorrow birth.

Wind, Hold Your Breath

Wind, hold your breath.

Waiting world




loitering leaves listening

for their name to be dropped,

their turn to free-fall.

No parachute needed,


melted resistance

and severed ties.

So wind,

hold your breath;

for this leap of faith

needs soft landing…

Cathedral Window

Emblazoned on cathedral wall,

Artist’s hand in sponsor’s Hall

Creates the leaded, crafted glass

That deftly lets the sunlight pass

Through shards of heavy tinted panes,

But turns away the autumn rains.

Bird’s Eye View

Perched above a golden floor,

Persian rug designed by Fall;

Golden thread on golden shore,

Draped by sunlight’s twilight shawl.

Peaceful thoughts beset me here,

Peaceful dreams in golden form;

Shimmering, they gather near,

Where bird’s-eye view keeps musings warm.