Awards Always Come in Herds

Thank you to Catholic Mom for 2 more awards!  It is always nice to be acknowledged by another writer – all of us can do with some encouragement from time to time!!

Ivon has also nominated my blog for the Lovely Blog award – I appreciate this award from a thoughtful fellow poet, writer, and educator at Teacher as Transformer.  Meanwhile, Daniela at her blog Lantern Post also passed this award on to me – thank you to her, too!  Daniela blogs from Croatia, which is a place near and dear to my heart after the amazing time I spent there last fall…  And the deep-thinking poet at SmoothSolidade has nominated me for a Lovely Blog Award as well – so this post is a full one! She writes poetry from Egypt, so this is definitely becoming an international post!

Here is what these awards are all about:

  • display the award logo on my blog
  • link back to the blog of the person who nominated me
  • state 7 things about myself
  • nominate other bloggers and link to their site
  • notify the other bloggers of their nominations and tell them the requirements

Hmmmm… 7 more things about me:

I hide my eyes on the scary parts in movies.  (Yes, I am a chicken…).   I can’t stand mice!  I have a terrible sense of rhythm.   I make a mean pork tenderloin with a home-made berry-dijon mustard reduction.  On my only horse ride ever, I fell off and fractured my sacrum.  (You know, that little bone that holds your hips together?  Didn’t know I had one until I broke it!)   I have a pretty wild imagination.  I love scented candles!

I have passed on so many awards by now, it is getting more and more difficult to find new ones without awarding the same people over and over, and this causes a very slow response to my nominations, I’m afraid!  So this time, I will simply refer you to my other award posts to check out all the blogs I most admire and love to read on a regular basis!  I know that is kinda cheating, but you will all have to get over it.  Therapy and time will help a lot…  🙂