Cage Fighter

You shouldn’t even have drawn your first breath.

Yet here you are,

a magnificent warrior,

battling the odds

and winning.

Enthralled, I watch the match –

Cage Fighter versus the World.

Your moves were honed in the Ring of Reality;

Your skills were suckled  on dry mammaries of neglect.

One last well-placed kick fells the Giant,

and your cage


Long Was I a Prisoner

Long was I a prisoner in rock and plaster cage;

Long had I been locked from sun and kept from pleasure’s page.

You peered in past walls I built, your pick and axe were true;

Your hammering with tools of trade effectively broke through.

And oh! the pain as on my heart you etched your loving hymn;

The light blazed in and blinded me, whose eyes had grown so dim.

As pen scraped glass, my soul bled blood, and in the bleeding, healed;

When clouded panes grew brighter still, my sentence was repealed!

My prison walls have been transformed into an abbey bright;

Your light shines through transparent soul, a window full of light.

And now the light can shine both ways, a barrier no more;

As you light me, I light my world, and in the lighting, soar!