Released from the tomb, from the Winter which froze you,

Freed from the Dark, from the fears which enclosed you,

Raised from the earth, from the cells that opposed you,

Green with the gleam of creation;

Vanquish this shell, this mere skin that confined you,

Stretch past the trials that sought to unbind you,

Run to your Saviour, whose heart bled to find you,

Fly toward heaven’s ovation.

My heart aches tonight, but I know that you are in the Presence of perfect Love at last, and that I cannot begrudge you, my sweet friend…

In memory of Marcy Payne





You Fought So Hard

You fought so hard,

held on so long,

your courage a cloak of inspiration.

When your grip came unglued,

you fell in a blaze of glory –

only to be sucked in to subservience,

a minion in Jack Frost’s ranks,


inclement icicle.

You won’t go down easy –

if warm heart could free you,

you’d walk away from this,

but winter is long and harsh,

and I know you won’t be walking away this time.

Do you hear my cheers –

do you see my salute?

I wave my flag,

hat over heart,

and let my breath freeze

in your honour…