Big Smile daylily


Angel dust and elfin gown,

Signets in a pixie crown;

Galaxies with gemstones strewn,

Magic in a flower rune.

How does Nature speak to you?

Full Meal Deal


Butter on living toast,

you breakfast my morning

with breathless beauty,

food for thought and heart


to sate endless appetite

(heart hunger rarely needs

to loosen its belt); soul

growls, empty, and you,


in so temporary a skin,

exercise your right

to round my malnourished belly

with your dying gift.


Daylily blossoms only last for one day, as their name implies – yet how much their short-lived petals bless our world! What can YOU do today to feed someone’s spirit?

Steeped Cinnamon

You wait

with breath on hold

for the glimmer of the waking sun

to light up your world, a global alarm clock

which will tease open veiled tresses and release your

joy-steeped beauty like a stick of sweet cinnamon in a teacup

of finely hand-painted china, a compound of the world’s richest organic drink.

Daylily at Prayer

Sodden with the earthen dew,

Silent in your grassy pew,

Heart held up to heaven’s view –

Laying spirit bare.

Thoughtful in your reverie,

Earnest soul will ever be

Humbled here, on bended knee,

Daylily at prayer.

Dear Daylily

Dear Daylily,

Don’t despair.

Those raindrops hanging in the air

Haven’t got it out for you.

They aren’t conspiring to make you blue;

They’ve been sent upon wet ways

To help you learn that cloudy days

Are necessary for your growth.

If you decide to make an oath

To bear their weight with cheerful grace,

And look for sun with hopeful face,

You will learn to sit rain out;

That’s what life is all about.

– An Interested Observer