Mummified in icy tomb,

Petrified in snowy case;

Sleeping deep in winter’s womb,

Snuggled down ‘neath quilted lace.

Drowser, nap the cold away,

Tucked and bundled in your bed;

Dream of Spring’s approaching day

As  fairer visions fill your head.


The irony, the irony!  The common name of this plant?  “Snow in Summer”…

Peony of the Garden

Peony of the garden, of what do you think?

Do your thoughts turn to candy floss dipped in palest pink?

Do you meditate deeply, or do your thoughts flit?

Does your brain enjoy conundrums, or does only foolish fit?

Peony of the garden, of what do you dream?

Does your heart contain fairy tales of knight and castle theme?

Or do you simply wish to soak , lazy in the sun?

Do you yearn for usefulness, or is your purpose fun?

Peony of the garden, of what do you hope?

Do you have contentment, or is your goal to cope?

Do you see a higher call, a purpose for your days?

Or do you choose to simply bloom, and go out with a blaze?