Her Eyes

gaping window


Her smile lifts her lips in all

the expected places, her

laughter chimes harmony at

appropriate pauses. But

her eyes – her eyes are empty

windows, unshuttered channels

to the brokenness within,

where the lights are never on,

and no one is ever home.





Now and Then

Now my vision warps, distorts,

as through a glass I view my life;

frosty film in darkness courts

misconstructions, blindness rife

with apprehensions misconstrued,

where senses, seizing on a ghost

demand surrender to the food

that liars choose to feed on most


Then, my blindness will be healed,

cataracts will be removed;

scummy blur will be repealed

as trust in what is real is proved

to make all else fade into night,

misty membranes melt away;

I will recognize the Right

when Truth and Beauty shine like day.


Image courtesy of El Bueno, El Feo, y El Malo

Always, always, everywhere eyes

Staring, prying, insincere spies;

Looking, peering, whispering lies,

Crowding my conscious thought.

Scurrilous, insidious, ocular glares,

Malicious, suspicious, visionless stares,

Stalking and mocking from carpenter lairs,

Infecting me with their plot.


Always, always, everywhere eyes,

Glancing, dancing, friendly in guise,

Encouraging, alluring, welcoming, wise,

Gifting my heart with their gaze;

Enthralling, endearing, familial peeks,

Limpid as pools, mild and meek,

Imparting the lifeblood my soul most seeks,

Friendship to last all my days.


This gate felt like ‘eyes’ to me.  Eyes can hold hate and love and every emotion on the continuum between them.  It is up to us to discern what to do with each pair we encounter, whatever their expression!