She Had No Idea


She had no idea she had it in her.

There was no way to measure



quality of light


she had been frozen,





on shivering legs,

she takes her first tentative steps

into a newly forged reality.

She will fall, yes.

She will fail

and hurt

and fumble


she will be falling on her own terms,

failing and hurting and fumbling

on turf of her own choosing.

The knowledge

draws hues from

secret source within –

an iridescent radiance,

a glow glazed in the suffering place,

a fountain tapping into

the Deep,

and she oozes


She’s Frozen

She’s frozen to

her window of opportunity,

fear an icy irresolution

dripping in rivulets

down her neck.

She wonders if she is enough,

has what it takes,

can survive the fall

if her venture fails.


sits on the cusp,


waiting for a warm hand

and steady heart

to melt her


Breaking Through

The Breakthrough was breathtaking in its

unexpected triumph;

its mysterious arrival threw

Darkness to the curb

in a show of superiority rarely seen

in her years of travail.

She hadn’t known that

Breakthrough, by necessity,

required Breaking;

it was this Brokenness

that had forced her face into

all the corners where

filth of failure

and cobwebs of compromise

had woven their deep magic

over her soul.

And oh, how she fought!

Her marrow resisted the broken pieces

and Denial’s wooing almost won her over;

but here,

on her knees,

she sees the way Through

that the Breaking redeemed.

Her tears rinse the decay

as her soul stirs,

cracks the chrysalis,

and Breaks Through to

dance in the