She Had No Idea


She had no idea she had it in her.

There was no way to measure



quality of light


she had been frozen,





on shivering legs,

she takes her first tentative steps

into a newly forged reality.

She will fall, yes.

She will fail

and hurt

and fumble


she will be falling on her own terms,

failing and hurting and fumbling

on turf of her own choosing.

The knowledge

draws hues from

secret source within –

an iridescent radiance,

a glow glazed in the suffering place,

a fountain tapping into

the Deep,

and she oozes


Ascension Dimension


It’s not in the falling that mettle is made;

stumbling is common, the price to be paid

for walking this earth, where the footing’s unsure –

tectonics keep shifting (and there is no cure!)

It’s found in the rising, the clutching at straws,

the reaching for freedom when clamped in life’s jaws,

the struggle to stand upon feet that are sore,

ascension dimension when strength is no more.

Gates of Wrath

Treachery, thy name is Ice –

dangerous to foe and friends,

booby-trap, to be concise,

magnetized to bottom ends;

enemy to hip and knee,

baited ambush to my path,

pitfall to the fancy free,

enter in the Gates of Wrath.

One More Tree

Her words rasp at his flesh

and tear his manhood;


he picks up the pieces and goes to his

dead-end job

to be passed over for the next promotion,

 dignity flayed.

His progeny

taunt his mannerisms behind his back,

and chip away at his character

with teeth drilled to

fine points.

When the financial storm hits,

and his trunk shatters,

who will hear one more tree

falling in the forest?

Thirst Quenchers

The Fall is inevitable –

mathematical probabilities

dictate that the relationship

between material and  motion

are directly proportional.

Gravity makes an insistent and

indiscriminate lover,

whose ‘Come hither’

is as irresistible as  it is unavoidable.

Yes, to fall is utterly human –

it is the Air that is Divine;

this place of faith leaping,

of cushioning the letting go,

is where ,

in the falling,

in the breaking down,

we are becoming