Dress Code


Black hat, grey waistcoat,

Pristine bib of white in place –

Formal banquet wear

Heirloom Gown

Edged in hand-crocheted lace,

an heirloom gown of silk ruffles

and petticoats and rouched skirts

hangs with bated breath

on the bridal hanger.

The question is,

‘Will you say yes to this dress?’

Queen of Sheba

Nymph of the desert, Queen of the Nile,

Rain dresses tresses in high-fashion style;

Jewel-toned highlights, headdress affair,

You carry yourself regally – all stop and stare.

Crusted with gem-tones and sparkling with rings,

Representation of haute couture kings;

Succulent savvy, African grace –

Shapely and sparkly, with rubies in place.

Fashion Show

Rosy capes of scented dew

Cling to apple trees;

Classic stripy pollen crews

Buzz on scented breeze

Petals draped as haute couture

Fancy every stem;

God-prints marked in fashion sure

Strut to runway’s end

There is a splendour in nature that rivals the best that Paris and Milan have to offer.  Jesus Himself compared lilies to dazzlingly dressed monarchs: “See how the lilies of the field grow.  They do not labour or spin.  Yet I tell you that not even Solomon in all his splendour was dressed as one of these.”  Matthew 6:28 NIV  Open your eyes to the ‘fashion show’ all around you today – you have a front-row seat!