You Fought So Hard

You fought so hard,

held on so long,

your courage a cloak of inspiration.

When your grip came unglued,

you fell in a blaze of glory –

only to be sucked in to subservience,

a minion in Jack Frost’s ranks,


inclement icicle.

You won’t go down easy –

if warm heart could free you,

you’d walk away from this,

but winter is long and harsh,

and I know you won’t be walking away this time.

Do you hear my cheers –

do you see my salute?

I wave my flag,

hat over heart,

and let my breath freeze

in your honour…

Instinct in Overdrive

Instinct in overdrive,

claws at the ready;

perception of danger

makes blood pound unsteady.

Attack mode’s not needed

at this point in time –

wisdom will teach you

when heart rate should climb!


Do you ever fight the wrong battles?  


A seed, you were –

tiny and insignificant in the vastness of the cosmos,

floating on the wings of the wind

until you carved out your resting place.

Your roots fought hard for every square inch of soil.

You grew and prospered despite cold or wet,

rock or worm,

plenty or want,

and here you are,

bursting with beauty,

a sky-blue conundrum

to rival the hue of the heavens themselves.

You have chosen your battles well, my champion!

Well done!

Those who are about to die

salute you…


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Et tu, Brute?

Delivering wound in Russian roulet

Smiling the while, this game you play

Silences dawn, and drears the day


A so-called friend?

Ideas grow as germs that wend

Their scurrilous way to journey’s end

The better to bow and then to bend

My winning.

What do you gain?

You drive the nail to screw the pain

And follow blow with blow in vain

You cannot lock me up again

In prison.

Will you let go?

Your work just wakes the beast below

And anger rises, growling low

His power finds, in undertow,