You Fought So Hard

You fought so hard,

held on so long,

your courage a cloak of inspiration.

When your grip came unglued,

you fell in a blaze of glory –

only to be sucked in to subservience,

a minion in Jack Frost’s ranks,


inclement icicle.

You won’t go down easy –

if warm heart could free you,

you’d walk away from this,

but winter is long and harsh,

and I know you won’t be walking away this time.

Do you hear my cheers –

do you see my salute?

I wave my flag,

hat over heart,

and let my breath freeze

in your honour…

Instinct in Overdrive

Instinct in overdrive,

claws at the ready;

perception of danger

makes blood pound unsteady.

Attack mode’s not needed

at this point in time –

wisdom will teach you

when heart rate should climb!


Do you ever fight the wrong battles?