baby grebe

Flesh of my flesh, in essence your own;

I nurtured and loved what God gave on loan;

Our time in the water has quickly slipped by;

I gave you your wings – child, take to the sky.


young gull


His love was a fledgling –

awkward in its moulting,

a pupation of sorts.

His grasp of her essence

floundered in the reeds

where others moved sure;

progress screeched

and twittered, juvenile

in proportion and quality.

But true love has a way

of making a man;

where finesse was lacking,

perseverance found flight –

I still see them soaring, now and then,

where time and age cannot clip their wings.


Faith Will Give You Wings


When visibility is poor

you have to trust

the destination

keyed into your GPS;

flying blind

in a snowstorm

will always involve some level of


but if you rely

on your instruments,

your faith


give you


A Perfect Fit

Arms wide open, I embrace the Light,

cherish the breath of God on skin,



heart ajar

and mind unfurled.


I swim seas of significance,

take flight

in freedom’s slipstream,

and, meeting melodious melt waters,

slip into my own skin –

a perfect fit!