Thoughts Upon a Tassimo

chai tea latte


O steaming hiss, O spiced delight

Which percolates this frigid night,

You melt the coldest, hardest heart

By brewing scalding works of art.


You know it’s cold when your own government puts out public service announcements warning you to stay indoors because of a dangerous wind-chill factor. Long live the Tassimo!









O sun-kissed spider, comic elf

Gambolling on leafy shelf,

Scaring children with your stares,

Catching insects unawares;

Multi-legged and multiplied,

Arachnids fully satisfied;

What tangled web you surely weave

In silly, harmless make-believe!

Do Blondes Really Have More Fun?

You’ve changed your petals for moppy locks,

Slipped into more fashionable, flirty frocks,

Your natural roots turn the heads of the jocks –

Do blondes really have more fun?


Your attitude reeks of laissez-faire,

Confidence, and devil-may-care,

Your tresses seem to be more than just hair –

Do blondes really have more fun?


If I find a bottle of just the right hue,

And douse my own crown with wizardish glue,

Maybe then I will gain a crucial clue –

Do blondes really have more fun?

This She Can Play!

The blossoms of youth have abandoned ship,

No blush of innocence stains her cheek;

Her false teeth often misplace her lips

And all of her joints now ache and creak.

A cap of grey fuzz replaced her tresses,

Some body parts sag like an apron in front;

The young ones object to how she dresses,

Her verbiage tends to be much more blunt –

But oh! the freedom to do as she wants,

The pressures to wow are fallen away;

A joker’s cap rakishly follows her jaunts –

At last she is she, and this she can play!

This is what is left after the peony’s bloom is finished – and I couldn’t help but notice the jaunty joker’s hat!  🙂