In the Garden

Prairie blue eyes HDR


Hatred breeds where darkness obscures

the beauty attached to cells

which split and divide with remarkable similarity;

every heart bleeds blood.

Every soul’s veins mark its skin in tattoos inked with life.

To decide that one of the Earth’s peoples should be obliterated

is to nominate one flower for destruction.

Would you choose the rose? Or the sweet pea?

Which deserves death?

What reasons could justify the removal

of one shade in the spectrum,

 pure Light knit whole?

Colours, textures, scents, flavours –

the loss of but one is to deny the rainbow its arc,

the garden its splendour.

What great catastrophe will be required to cut away the cataracts

 that blind us to our collective dignity?


My heart is heavy as I consider some of the newsfeed I have read this morning. Will we never learn that hatred is ugly? That violence is evil? That each of us has a place in the Global Garden? What legacy will we leave to our children if we cannot learn to love our neighbours?

One Square Inch

We live our lives

as tiny beings in a forgetful sea;

microcosm of madness,


trodden upon,

or eaten alive.

Yet in our miniature world,

what higher calling is there

than to leave the soil

enriched for our having existed?

No lofty super-heroic global cause,

but fertilizing one



at a time…

One in a Billion

Image courtesy of Tomorrow’s World

At first glance, she is

one in a billion,

one of the Ordinary

in an endless sea.

Strewn carelessly aside,


lost in the tide of humanity.

Eye passes sightlessly over her form,

Glazes and sticks at general points;

Assumptions and misconstructions paint her in place,

The brush of illusion hollows her joints.

But –

If you are strolling on shores nearby,

And happen upon her in your perusal,

In choosing to give her a closer glance

You give generalities firm refusal –

In her

You will


Subtle hues,

Tints and shades never before seen;

Aquas and pinks and iridescent blues,

Beautiful sparkles and delicate sheen.

Not so very ordinary now,

When you have given her time to display

That one in a billion can truly be

Unique and distinctive in every way…

Ever been on a beach?  At first glance, the pebbles are all one in the scene.  But if you stop to give your full attention, your eye begins to pick out the ways in which each contributes its own identity to the whole; each has its own beauty, its own characteristics.  You and I, the Global Beach, have something to bring to the seashore that can make it a beautifully refreshing experience…